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Black History Month 2024

The Theme for Black History Month 2024 is African American and the Arts.

This year’s theme celebrates the profound influence African American artists have had across various forms of expression, including visual and performing arts, literature, music, and more. It highlights the resilience and creativity of African American artists in preserving history, community memory, and empowerment through art. The theme acknowledges the challenges faced by these artists, from historical oppression to the appropriation of their work, while celebrating their contributions to global culture through movements like the Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts Movement, hip-hop, and Afrofuturism. This theme invites us to explore the rich tapestry of African American artistry and its impact on both national and international stages, recognizing the importance of these contributions in shaping our understanding of American culture and history.

Everything Co-op commemorates this year’s Black History Month with a line up of special guests…

Show Lineup

  • February 1 – Kali Akuno, a human rights organizer, educator, writer, and co-founder/director of Cooperation Jackson, working towards economic democracy in Jackson, MS.


  • February 8 – Allen Kwabena Frimpong, a cooperative entrepreneur, cultural designer, conceptual artist, and founder of several social entrepreneurship endeavors including Zeal.


  • February 15 – Ashley Walden, Founder and CEO of Unlock Creative and President of the National Black Women’s Creative Cooperative, focusing on nurturing Black creative leadership.


  • February 22 – Janet Bennett-Cox, a dedicated educator and Board member of Ebony Care Cooperative, involved in bridging generations through the art of Batik making.


  • February 29 – Lauren Ruffin, Director and Lead Strategist at Michigan Central’s Art Program, and Associate Professor at Arizona State University, exploring the impact of “African Americans and The Arts” on society.

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