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Welcome to Everything.Coop. This website is an extension of our weekly broadcast of Everything Co-op that airs on Radio One’s WOL 1450AM station. After interviewing so many cooperators who shared so much valuable information, I felt that the information being shared on the show really needed to be heard by the many people who were in need of the services, products or resources. Therefore, I felt compelled to develop a mechanism that could be used to make all the information available in a comprehensive format.

Everything Co-op focuses on how different types of cooperatives have been utilized as an economic engine to address the lingering issues associated with the economic downturn. The guests share innovative programs and strategies they are using to illustrate the cooperative business model and its principles. These real life examples of the practical applications of the cooperative model are offered as alternatives to the profit focused Return On Investment (ROI), business model. 

As a property manager of Cooperatives and other housing alternatives for almost 30 years, I am convinced that the Cooperative model stands to be the most viable structure for housing. Unfortunately, at present many people in urban areas have not yet recovered from the loss of their jobs and homes as a result of the economic downturn, and many are still destitute, or are in need of new solutions to address their economic concerns. 

When the show first came on the air to celebrate National Housing Month in October of 2014, it was only supposed to last for one month. However, the demand and need for information has been so great that I decided to expand the scope of the show to cover Everything Co-op. Since that time the show has been used to share ways that cooperatives can be used to address issues of housing, food deserts, the rising cost of utilities and so much more.

Thanks for visiting the website. I invite you to become one of our partners to spread the news about how cooperatives can be used to help resolve many of the problems that have devastated so many populations throughout the World. If you can let someone know about this resource, or listen to the show with a friend, or even share information you feel we should cover, you to become a part of the solution and our family.

This show is sponsored by National Cooperative Bank (NCB). We are proud to partner with NCB and Radio One to deliver valuable information that can be used to change lives. Of course as Radio One’s motto say, “Information is Power,” but the Power only comes if you use the information being shared. I fervently hope you will be empowered to use the information shared for “good”.

Your Host,
Vernon Oakes