Terry Appleby, GM of Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society


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2019 Co-op Hall of Fame Inductee, Terry Appleby is interviewed on March 28, 2019. Vernon and Terry discuss his career and many contributions to the cooperative movement. Mr. Appleby started his co-op career at Puget Consumer Co-op, in 1980. He worked in several areas at PCC, starting as a clerk, department and store management, merchandising director and general management, and also served two terms on the PCC board of directors during a period of rapid growth. After leaving PCC in 1992, he became the general manager of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society and worked there until his retirement at the end of 2016. During his tenure at Hanover new approaches to interactions with local farmers led to significant benefits for farmers, the co-op and consumers. Three additional store locations were opened, an off-site food production facility was created, local products available to consumers dramatically increased, and revenues were increased from $15 million to $75 million. While at Hanover Mr. Appleby was involved in several cooperative efforts on both regional and local levels. He was a board member and then board president of Northeast Cooperatives (a natural food wholesaler), Equal Exchange (a co-op involved in fair trade), Associated Grocers of New England (a cooperative food wholesaler) and the National Cooperative Grocers where she also served a term as board president. He helped found the Cooperative Grocers Association of the Northeast, the National Cooperative Grocers Association, the Neighboring Food Co-op Association, Local First (a group promoting local business), and Willing Hands (a food reclamation non-profit that redistributes hundreds of tons of food to local groups and individuals in the Upper Connecticut River Valley). This interview is the first of four interview of the 2019 Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductees.

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