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The 2023 Everything Co-op List

Find cooperative treasures for your holidays.

We are delighted to provide a thoughtfully curated list of products and services from the cooperative community centered around five categories, each mirroring Vernon’s interests – Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Community. These categories embrace a wide variety of selections that reflect the cooperative ethos of mutual support, sustainability, and community welfare.


Designed to delight your brain, this category includes a variety of items like books and puzzles with themes that offer introspection into history, ideas on economic equality, and exploration into the human condition.


This category offers health-conscious food and wellness products, emphasizing sustainable farming and nutrition. It also includes unique, tasty treats — because everyone deserves a little indulgence, in moderation.


Focused on mental health, spiritual wellness, and personal growth, this category presents mindfulness tools, wellness products, and community experiences that embody the cooperative spirit of mutual support and holistic well-being.


Showcasing Vernon’s personal favorites, this category features artisanal products, unique gifts, and valued services.


This category highlights cooperative services that directly benefit local communities. From credit unions that support financial wellness to cooperative childcare centers that nurture our future generations, these organizations exemplify the cooperative commitment to community empowerment and development.

The 2023 Everything Co-op List

Our picks for cooperative treasures for your holidays.