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Air Date: March 14, 2024
Cooperative Advocate

Renee Hatcher Discusses Legal Aspects of her Advocacy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


In honor of the 2024 Women’s History Month theme of “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” Vernon interviews Attorney Renee C. Hatcher. Vernon and Renee discuss how she has used the law to address issues related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Renee Hatcher is a solidarity economy lawyer. She is an Assistant Professor of Law and the Director of the Community Enterprise and Solidarity Economy Law Clinic at UIC Law, a legal clinic that provides free legal support to grassroot organizations, cooperatives, and other solidarity economy enterprises. Daughter of the late civil rights activist and first elected Black mayor of a U.S. city, Richard Gordon Hatcher, Renee is committed to advancing the Black Freedom Movement through her work with co-ops and communities.

Renee is a member of the leadership team for the Black Abolitionist Solidarity Economy (BASE) Fellowship, and a member of Law for Black Lives Movement Lawyering Squad. Renee also serves as a board member for the New Economy Coalition and the Detroit Justice Center. Prof. Hatcher is the Co-Director of the newly minted Solidarity Economy Law & Policy Initiative at the UIC Center of Urban Economic Development. 

Our host, Vernon Oakes, is a consummate advocate for cooperatives. He is a Past President of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, and he’s served on several boards and committees to advance the interests of cooperatives. Recently, he served on the Limited Equity Cooperative Task Force, established by Anita Bonds, At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia. Vernon is an MBA graduate of Stanford University, who has used his business acumen to benefit the community, by promoting the added value of the cooperative business model. 

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