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Community Development Specialist Margaret Lund discusses the Unsung Cooperative Hero Award, and its first Recipient Ella Jo Baker

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This week we continue our recognition of the 2022 Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductees. Vernon’s second commemorative interview will be with Margaret Lund, community development specialist. Vernon and Margaret will discuss the Unsung Cooperative Hero Award, and its first recipient Ella Jo Baker.

Margaret Lund is an independent consultant specializing in the areas of community development, finance and shared ownership strategies.

Throughout her career, Margaret has worked across cooperative sectors including credit unions, consumer co-ops, housing co-ops, worker co-ops, healthcare and sustainable food systems. Before launching her consulting practice in 2008, Margaret spent 16 years as a small business lender to cooperatives. Lund is a past member of the boards of the U.S. National Cooperative Business Association, and Health Partners, the largest consumer-governed healthcare organization in the United States. Past awards include the Howard Bowers Cooperative Service Award from the Consumer Cooperative Managers Association, and the 2014 John Logue Award for “acting as a catalyst for innovation and change” from the Association of Cooperative Educators.

Our host, Vernon Oakes, is a consummate advocate for cooperatives. He is a Past President of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, and he’s served on several boards and committees to advance the interests of cooperatives. Recently, he served on the Limited Equity Cooperative Task Force, established by Anita Bonds, At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia. Vernon is an MBA graduate of Stanford University, who has used his business acumen to benefit the community, by promoting the added value of the cooperative business model. 

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