Peggy Fogarty, ED at the Keystone Development Center disusses how KDC helps emerging Co-ops


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Peggy Fogarty, Executive Director at the Keystone Development Center, KDC, discusses how KDC works with the development of emerging Co-ops. She talks about her background in the cooperative movement, and shares examples of how KDC has helped to develop co-ops in each of the Cooperative sectors; including worker, consumer, purchasing and marketing.

In addition to being the Executive Director of KDC, Peggy Fogarty is the board/organization liaison. She oversees KDC’s funding plan, finances, operations, systems, projects, clients, and staff. She has been employed by KDC since 2005, and has served as the ED since 2014. Her experience includes over 19 years of program development and administration, 15 years teaching in adult education, and 7 years as a produce farmer. Her focus has been on increasing KDC’s impact and developing systems to measure and report on the success of KDC’s clients. She has also been instrumental in expanding the reach of the organization regionally and in the diversity of the projects KDC engages in. Peggy’s entrepreneurial spirit, vision and ability to leverage community partners are key ingredients to KDC and her client’s success in important phases of development and expansion.

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