Kimberly Smith, CEO and founder of Marjani Beauty & Cosmetics appears on Everything Co-op


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Kimberly Smith, CEO and founder of Marjani, a Beauty and Cosmetics Company for women of color is interviewed on Everything Co-op. Vernon and Kimberly discuss how Marjani fulfills its mission, and how it has used a cooperative business model to accommodate the business structure that was desired.

As an Ivy League trained attorney, Kimberly advised companies navigating the complex regulatory world of the health care industry, but growing up, Kimberly always had a passion for fashion and beauty. “I can remember being one of the few girls who always wore heels and a full face of make up to class on my college campus,” says Kimberly. “Expressing myself through different hairstyles, make-up, and fashion, has always been fun for me.” Eventually Kimberly started an online business, and eventually expanded to open a store in partnership with her best friend.

Marjani opened its doors eight months ago. Marjani’s Pledge: “We aim to not just be a retailer, but a community where shopping is a fun, memorable experience. Bringing international beauty and cosmetic products to the local consumer, and using this platform to empower brown girls, across nationalities, age, hair textures and shades to embrace and claim their beauty.”

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