James Peter Warbasse (1866 – 1957)
Founder of Cooperative League of the United States of America (later National Cooperative Business Association) and president from 1916 to 1941

Full Quote:

“If cooperation is the common ground upon which all can unite, why do not all unite upon it?

If it embraces the principles which make for human brotherhood and a better state of fellowship, why is it not promoted by all those who desire well for mankind?

If it can eliminate strife between people of nations, why are not the citizens more deeply concerned for its advancement?

If it makes the necessities and the good things of life more accessible to those who have not, why has it not the more earnest support of the needy, on the one hand, and of the benevolent, on the other?

The reply to these questions is twofold. Lack of information concerning cooperation is the first answer; and the fact that its principles are opposed to privilege is the second answer.

Cooperation has working against it ignorance and selfishness.”


– James Peter Warbasse