William Spriggs, Economic/Co-op Development Dir. at the Bermuda EDC, Appears on Everything Co-op

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William Spriggs, Economic and Cooperative Development Director at the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, is interviewed by Vernon Oakes on the Nationally broadcast radio show, Everything Co-op. Vernon and William discuss his plans to educate the Government and constituents of Bermuda about the value of cooperatives in all sectors.

Mr. Spriggs is responsible for a wide range of small and medium sized business socio-economic development projects and programs. He is also responsible for designing the foundational framework for cooperatives to develop and thrive within Bermuda, and is a relative neophyte to the cooperative development space. The British territory island nation that supports some 65,000 people and resides within the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, currently has only 1 true cooperative in the likes of the Bermuda Credit Union.

Personally, William enjoys designing study groups to support Bermuda’s administrative professionals with passing the Certified Administrative Professional or CAP exam, offered bi-annually by the International Association of Administrative Professionals out of Kansas City, MO; his innovative study strategies to master the IAAP CAP exam body of knowledge have minted 26 new Bermuda CAP awardees to date. William is a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Administrative Professional.

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