Gabe Snow and Dan Riedinger of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

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Vernon and his guests discuss the Co-ops Vote initiative of NRECA
(National Rural Electric Cooperative Association), and the impact that
NRECA has had in rural areas throughout the World.

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan project of America’s Electric Cooperatives,
designed to inform its members on key issues facing electric co-ops, and
encourage them to vote and support their co-ops and the communities they
serve when they go to the polls. The organization does not endorse or
recommend any candidates for election, but offers access to information
that will enable voters to make informed decisions when they vote.
If you would like to review pertinent information about the candidates
you will have an opportunity to vote for in an upcoming election, but
do not have the time to do the research, let Co-ops Vote do the work for you.

The site features a Voter Resources page that offers links to voter information, including, but not limited to: a list of upcoming elections, election deadlines, and candidate information. If you have not registered to vote, want to find out if your name is still listed as eligible to vote, or would like to identify all candidates associated with your voting district then Co-ops Vote is your one-stop Vote site.

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