Marla Bilonick, Executive Director, and Karina Mendoza, of the LEDC Appear on Eerything Co-op



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Marla Bilonick, Executive Director; and Karina Mendoza, Small Business Coach, of the Latino Economic Development Center, (LEDC), appear on Everything Co-op. Vernon, Marla and Karina discuss how LEDC’s programs comport with the cooperative business model. They also discuss how the Center works cooperatively within their communities to help Latinas and other underserved populations build wealth.

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  1. Ms. Nemes comes to LEDC with 15 years of experience in the community development field. As LEDC’s Development Director, in partnership with the Executive Director, Ms. Nemes spearheads development efforts, including communications and evaluation. Prior to joining LEDC, Ms. Nemes’ work focused on assessing the needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities and the impact of programs designed to minimize social inequities. She has directed, consulted, and supported research and evaluation projects related to immigrant and refugee integration (including race and ethnic relations), public health, community change processes, and economic development. Ms. Nemes is bilingual and has extensive experience conducting field work with ethnic communities. Having served as a research and evaluation consultant to foundations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, Ms. Nemes is well versed in program development and organizational capacity building. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland, College Park, in Psychology and a Master of Science in Cross-Cultural Psychology from Brunel University in London, England.

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