The Everything Co-op weekly radio nationwide broadcast on Radio One, host Vernon Oakes interviews Vital Brooklyn’s Roger Green


Vernon Interview Roger Green, one of the key organizers of “The Coalition to Transform Interfaith,” formerly know at the “Save Interfaith Coalition.” The Coalition’s work has resulted in a multi-hospital network in underserved communities self-transforming into worker and union cooperative facilitating, regenerative institutions. It has been predicted that the Vital Brooklyn movement will bequeath a transformational healthcare template that will unsettle America’s healthcare sector.

The Coalition is a group of community members and health care union representatives, participated in the drafting of Northwell’s transformation plan. Vernon and Roger discuss the components of the plan, and economic innovations that were implemented to ensure that a portion of the $40 Billion of consumables and services are supplied by businesses within the local community.

Roger previously served in the NY State Assembly for over 25 years and was the campaign chair for Jesse Jackson’s Presidential campaigns. He also has been a distinguished president at Medgar Evers college, part of the CUNY (City University of New York) system, and is a strong supporter of economic democracy.

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