Stacey Sutton, Ph.D., Assist. Professor, University of Illinois Chicago, Appears on Everything Co-op

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Vernon Oakes, host of Everything Co-op, and Dr. Sutton discuss her research on “Cooperative Cities,” and proven strategies to educate legislators on the potential impact of cooperatives on economic development.

Stacey Sutton is Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Policy in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs (CUPPA) at the University of Illinois Chicago. Her research focuses on community economic development, economic democracy and equitable development.

In a forthcoming study, Stacey examines “Cooperative Cities,” specifically how city governments create enabling environments for the development and sustainability of worker-owned cooperatives, as well as potential limits of local state involvement in the cooperative movement. Stacey has also published research on race and gentrification, commercial revitalization, and the disparate impact of punitive city policies, such as tickets, fines and fees. Stacey holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and in Sociology from Rutgers University, a MBA from New York University, and a BA from Loyola University in Baltimore

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