Mollie Moisan, Director of Cooperative Development for Pachamama Coffee Cooperative appears on Everything Co-op

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Vernon and Emily discuss the evolution of Tuscarora Organic Growers Co-operative, TOG, the niche market it serves by ensuring that it only sells 100% organically certified local produce, and the process it follows to bring fresh produce from “Farm to Table.”

As General Manager, Emily Best, oversees operations, sales, and outreach for TOG.
Prior to coming to Tuscarora, Emily apprenticed at New Morning Farm for four
seasons, where she worked in the greenhouse, oversaw several crops from planting
to harvest, and managed the stand at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Emily
attended the University of Pittsburgh for her undergrad studies, and has an MA in
Environmental Policy from American University.
Tuscarora Organic Growers Co-operative, is a farmer-owned co-op of over 45
certified organic family farmers in central PA. It is legally incorporated as a
producer-owned cooperative that aggregates, distributes, and markets USDA-
certified organic fresh produce on behalf of its members to restaurants, retail
outlets, farmers’ markets, and Community Supported Agriculture organizations in
the metro areas of Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. Each farm receives 70-75%
of the sale of their produce through the co-op, and is paid within two weeks of the
sale. The balance of the sale is used to operate the co-op and does include the cost
of delivery to its markets in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

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